Chakra Sound Bath


Join us for a night of relaxation and sound healing. Megan will play a variety of instruments to help hit the reset button on your central nervous system. You'll leave with a more balanced energetic body, as well as a calmer, more peaceful head space. Wear comfortable, cozy clothes (pajamas encouraged!), and bring a pillow and blanket. Space is limited in our cozy little Studio 2, so preregister to reserve your spot. 

TWO DATES: Friday, September 21 @ 8:30-9:30p AND Sunday, September 30 @ 9-10p

$20 / $15 for members

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Arm Balance Workshop


Would you like to learn how to do different arm balances? Then bring a playful attitude, your mat, and a towel to Kula Yoga for this fun and informative workshop! Megan will teach you the levels of 15+ arm balances, and you'll be given a hand out to take home with you for continued practice. This workshop is suited for all levels. 

Saturday, September 22 @ 11a-1p

$30 / $23 for members

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Women’s Shakti Circle


It is the birthright of every self-identifying woman to feel wholly sovereign in herself, turned on to the whole of life, and deeply connected to the innate source of feminine power expressed through her body, sexuality, and truth. The Shakti Circle is a sacred space for women gather, rest, and renew the fullness of our feminine spirit. In each circle, we will awaken to our feminine sources of power through sacred ritual, guided meditation, intuitive movement, and embodiment practices. 

Within this month's circle, we'll discuss how prioritizing our pleasure is essential for us as women to feel alive and luminous from the inside out. Together, we'll engage subtle pleasure practices, yoga, and meditation as holy opportunities to re-align our bodies with our longing and bliss. Join Jessica Roodvoets for this sacred celebration of the divine feminine in every woman.

Sunday, September 23 @ 5:30-7p

$25 / $19 for members

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 Pranayama (Conscious Breathing) Workshop


Pranayama, or conscious breathing, is the fourth limb of Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga. The practice of pranayama allows for a sense of deep peace, focused concentration, and increased vitality. Join Ben for this workshop at Kula where he'll explain different pranayama exercises, teach them to participants, and lead the class through experiencing the different conscious breathing techniques. The workshop will close with a guided meditation. 

Wednesday, September 26 @ 7:30-8:45p

$25 / $19 for members

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