Sacred Reflection: Intuitive Journaling in 2019

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Let’s come together at Kula on the last Sunday morning of each month—always check the date!— to hold one another accountable to the healthy habits of self-reflection and journaling.

We’ll dig into Megan’s massive collection of oracle and tarot decks and spend time on our own pondering what we want to cultivate and manifest in each coming month. Bring a journal and pen to each session, choose a deck to work with, and spend the time writing about what the images and messages in the cards bring up for you. Dig into your intuition, and be thoughtful of where your mind wanders. This is a special time for you to become more mindful of where you put your energy and how you choose to live with intention. Take this time for yourself.

Tuesday, August 27 @ 7-8p

$10 each session

I’m ready to reflect

Heart Meditation + Cacao Ceremony

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Cacao as a plant medicine known for its ability to put us into deeper contact with the intelligence of our hearts and has several physical, neurological, and metaphysical benefits. It helps us to open the heart, deepen meditative practices, and bring clear insights about our lives, as it assists us in entering our natural state of love. 

In this ceremony, we will partner with cacao to bring us into an open state of connection with our own heart, putting us back in touch with ourselves, others, and what connects us at our source. This experience will be supported by a heart-energizing guided meditation and live music.

Jessica and Ben are heartworkers bringing together the power of experiential Tantra, breathwork, and plant medicines to unguard the heart and create a safe and supportive container for authentic connection and transformation.

Saturday, September 7 @ 1:30-3:30p

$30 / $23 for members

I’m there.

Mamaste: A Gathering for Moms

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On the second Sunday of each month, Kula moms will gather to discuss a chosen topic that impacts women and mothers. We’ll build community and support one another each time we meet, and sessions will end with guided meditation and/or breath work.

Children are totally welcome but not required—we all need a break sometimes!

September topic: Let it Go

It's okay, mama, relax. You are not listening to Frozen for the umpteenth time this week. We are telling you: Let. It. Go.

This month we're talking self-care. Not the buzz-word, social-media, picture perfect self-care, but real, tangible, realistic self-care. Momming can add a lot of pressure to your life. All of a sudden you're responsible for keeping another human alive, and with that added responsibility comes managing the family calendar, meal planning, picking up toys, making sure the dog goes to the vet, knocking that work presentation out of the park, keeping up with your friends... the list goes on and on. What can you let go of to keep balance in your life as a way of caring for yourself? Find rest with your Kula this month, and connect with other moms in the thick of it. Bring your kiddos—or don't—and let go of the guilt that comes with giving yourself an hour alone.

Sunday, September 8 @ 4-5p

$20 / $15 members

Count this mama in!

Handpan + Storytelling Concert

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Come to Kula for an evening of sound and story! Jeremy has been fusing the mindfulness-based practices of yoga and meditation with his music for over a decade. Since 2009, he has traveled the globe, with music as his guide, studying different musical traditions and finding a consistent thread of inspiration for his own music. His journeys have taken him to performance stages and yoga studios around the world, in 25 countries and 5 continents.
Jeremy dove passionately into the study and exploration of many instruments, and is most known for his music with the Handpan (aka Hang, Hang Drum). He has become one of the most prolific performers on the Handpan in North America, having shared his music in over 500 performances in the last ten years and has become one of the top Handpan acts on Spotify. His handpan music is gentle, soothing, and world-inspired, weaving a story with the sound of this captivating instrument.
Join us for this evening concert at Kula Yoga as Jeremy shares the stories of his journeys through the sounds of the Handpan and Didgeridoo. The songs will be woven with stories from travels around the world, giving the listener a sense of the experiences behind the music. 

Thursday, September 26 @ 8-9:30p

$30 / $23 for members

Yes, please!