Self Massage and Myofascial Release Workshop


In this workshop, Megan and Mary will teach you all about your fascia. You'll be given a pair of therapy balls to use and practice with, and there will be balls available for purchase. Using the therapy tools, you'll learn different strategies and techniques for rolling out fascial tension in your feet, hamstrings, low back, shoulders, and neck. Wear tight-fitting clothing to ensure no fabric impedes on your fascia rolling. Come ready to learn and untangle your knots. Head to our blog to learn more!

When: Saturday, June 23 from 11-12:30pm

Cost: $30 // half price for members



Sound Bath


Join us for an evening of restorative sound at Kula Yoga. Megan will play a variety of instruments to realign your body into it's natural state of harmony. Participants simply lie back, relax, and let the healing sounds wash over their bodies and clear out their minds. Wear cozy, comfortable clothes, and bring a pillow and blanket. 

When: Sunday, June 24 from 9-10pm

Cost: $20 // free for auto-pay members



Full Moon Shakti Circle

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It is the birthright of every self-identifying woman to feel wholly sovereign in herself, turned on to the whole of life, and deeply connected to the innate source of feminine power expressed through her body, sexuality, and truth. The Shakti Circle is a sacred space for women gather, rest, and renew the fullness of our feminine spirit. In each circle, we will awaken to our feminine sources of power through sacred ritual, guided meditation, intuitive movement, and embodiment practices. To embody Shakti is to take back one’s own power. Join Jessica Roodvoets for this sacred celebration of the divine feminine in every woman.

When: Friday, June 29 from 7:30-9:30pm

Cost: $25 // half price for auto-pay members