Kula Yoga can be challenging to find the first time you visit, so please give yourself extra time. Our address is 133 Division Ave South, and the space's entrance is at the rear of the building. Find the studio entrance by walking through the parking lot off of Cherry St. See the map below for more information.

parking map.png


Both street and garage parking are readily available around Kula (see green areas in above map).

  • Street parking is $1.25/hour runs Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm, with evenings and weekends free. Download the Parkmobile app to register for quick-pay metered parking. 
  • Garage parking is located just a 3-minute walk from Kula at the corner of Cherry and Commerce (see map). Each half hour in the garage costs $1.25. 

Studio Etiquette

  • Arrive early. Your first visit to Kula will involve giving your teacher a small amount of information about yourself, so allow for ample time to get situated and settled. The studio doors are locked five minutes after the start of each class. Please refrain from knocking or attempting to enter if you are more than five minutes late.
  • Remove your shoes. Upon entering the studio, remove your shoes and place them to the right and left of the studio doors. The entire studio is a shoe-free environment. 
  • Disconnect from electronics. Place your belongings, including your cellphone, in the storage area next to the lounge. Check to see that all ringers are silenced before making your way to your mat. 
  • Practice Ahimsa. "Ahimsa" is the Sanskrit word for non-violence. Practice Ahimsa by taking care of the studio space. Keep the studio clean and safe for the rest of the community. Refrain from talking during class. So as to not disrupt your fellow yogis, be prepared stay for the entire class. 

Change is in the air! Kula Yoga will be moving from Heartside to East Hills in the coming months. Stay up-to-date with all the renovation and construction news by following us on Instagram and Facebook.