Kula Yoga shares space with Wanderlux Beauty and Wellness. We've converted the old home at 715 Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan to your yoga haven!


Both street and lot parking are readily available around Kula Yoga. 

Studio Etiquette

  • Arrive early. Your first visit to Kula will involve giving your teacher a small amount of information about yourself, so allow for ample time to get situated and settled. Ensure a speedy check-in by preregistering for class online via MindBody. Available class spots are opened up to waiting students at five minutes to the start of class time. 
  • Remove your shoes. Before entering either studio upstairs, remove your shoes and place them in the storage cubbies. Both studios are shoe-free environments. 
  • Disconnect from electronics. Place your belongings, including your cellphone, in the storage cubbies next to the studio door. Check to see that all ringers are silenced before making your way to your mat. Phones are not permitted in the yoga studios. 
  • Practice Ahimsa. "Ahimsa" is the Sanskrit word for non-violence. Practice Ahimsa by taking care of the studio space. Keep the studio clean and safe for the rest of the community. Refrain from talking during class. So as to not disrupt your fellow yogis, be prepared stay for the entire class.