I'd be honored for you to consider taking the journey of teacher training with me. When I opened Kula Yoga in 2016, I could not wait to spread the love of yoga all around the Grand Rapids area. I promise to hold a safe space for you and your fellow trainees while you learn, grow, and explore everything that yoga has to offer. If you've got any questions at all, please reach out to me. I urge you to give yourself the space and time to dig deep into yoga during this training with me at Kula. 


Objective: To provide students with a deep knowledge of the asana practice, experiential anatomy, philosophy and ethics, teaching methodology, and practicum and mentor-ship hours. This program is Yoga Alliance certified, and exceeds the number of training hours required by Yoga Alliance. After completion of MRY Teacher Training, graduates will have a 200-hour yoga teacher certification and will be qualified to teach yoga.

Location: Kula Yoga @ 715 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Dates: February-May 2020

Session times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-10p, Sundays 11a-5p; specific session dates available upon request

Investment: $3,200 (Early Bird Special of $2,900 if paid in full by TBA) *Payment plans available

Bonus: Investment in teacher training includes unlimited yoga classes at Kula Yoga throughout the duration of the training, as well as your Megan Rader Yoga Power Vinyasa Teacher Training manual. 

MRY Yoga Teacher Trainings are capped at ten participants, with no exceptions. Save your spot to join us!

Questions? Get in touch with Megan!


Read what past Megan Rader Yoga graduates have to say!

Megan’s yoga teacher training was incredible. She is a truly gifted teacher that goes above and beyond to share her knowledge in an accessible and hands on way. I whole-heartedly recommend her training. Not only will you learn the curriculum, but you’ll also learn a lot about yourself. -Tina D

Megan's 200-HR Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training greatly exceeded my expectations. The course was extremely well planned, organized and Megan was always very prepared to teach each class. After taking this training I feel very confident and well-equipped to teach yoga to others. My personal yoga practice grew immensely as a result of the training and I experienced significant personal growth throughout the course. Megan truly cares about her students and does all she can to help them succeed. She holds a safe space where you are free to learn, grow and share. I made great friendships throughout training and am grateful for those who I got to share the journey with. I will be forever grateful for this experience and feel it was truly an honor to learn from Megan, a genuine, strong, authentic woman. -Megan M. 

Megan’s Yoga Teacher Training completely changed my life!! She presented material in an easy-to-understand way and had an intention behind all the creative activities and course work we did. She is kind, honest, relatable, and so open minded. -Nick G.

Megan's Yoga Teacher Training greatly exceeded my expectations. She keeps it fun, and really sets you up for success! I really enjoyed her teachings on the chakras! I love that she limits the number of students in each training, allowing for more personalized attention and a deep bonding experience with your fellow classmates. She focuses a lot on strong cueing, sequencing, and assisting, and I feel very confident and ready to go out and teach my own classes! -Jeanvieve V. 

Megan's yoga teacher training was the most amazing experience of my life. It was gracefully taught, full of information, and very easy to learn with her guidance and professionalism. This training is accessible and perfect for anyone looking to teach yoga or further their practice. It teaches all about yoga and offers insights into life. Megan is a wonderful, skilled teacher and makes your experience meaningful and full. I wish I could take it again and again!! -Melanie P. 

I would recommend taking Megan's yoga teacher training to anyone. She's not only knowledgeable about yoga alignment, cues, and history...she's respectful, honest, genuine, and always curious to know more. Megan's attentiveness to effective communication made this teacher training more than just about learning yoga. Every woman in our teacher training grew as a person and a communicator. We all shared ideas and experiences that helped us become closer and connect with students. If you're looking for an educational and personable teacher training, Megan's class is perfect. I can't express the gratitude of feeling confident in my words and my town of voice in and out of the studio. -Hannah S. 

Megan's Yoga Teacher Training was more than I ever expected. Megan was super prepared, knowledgeable and approachable which made the experience so rewarding. Not only did the training set me up for success in terms of yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching, assisting and practice, it also helped to better my communication skills, mindfulness, and stress reduction in my personal life which is a huge added benefit. Megan has carefully created this program to guide students through each phase and fully prepare them for their next goal. I truly enjoyed this experience and highly recommend this to anyone who may want to learn more about yoga and themselves or who plan to become a part or full time teacher. -Lindsay D. 

I cannot really say enough positive things about Megan! I had an incredible experience and substantially improved my physical and mental practice in just four short months. I think my favorite part of the teacher training was the clarity and honesty she brought into her teachings. -Jenna . 

Yoga teacher training was an amazing and transformational experience on and off my mat! Megan is inspiring and knowledgeable and is available as much as you need her throughout training. She provides valuable feedback and advice and supports you on your own unique yoga path. Because of teacher training I have a deeper understanding, appreciation and love for yoga. It has prepared me to go confidently and knowledgeably share my love of yoga with others. I highly recommend Megan's yoga teacher training to anyone considering it, you won't regret it! -Ashley T. 

Megan's Yoga Teacher Training is a five star experience. It fully prepares you to become a well-rounded and strong yoga teacher while deepening your own practice- from both a skills and a knowledge perspective. Megan goes above and beyond to provide thoughtful feedback to each individual throughout the training. I strongly recommend her training to fellow yogis. If you'd like to ask me specific questions about the experience, please don't hesitate to reach out. -Krystal W. 

Megan's teacher training was an excellent life & yogi experience! Taking this training has reinvigorated my passion for yoga. I've learned more about individual yoga poses (asanas) & alignment, talking in Sanskrit, yoga history and mythologies, learning to build my own yoga sequences and flows and so much more! I'm forever grateful to Megan for how much she has helped me grow as a yogi and person. Megan will always be a friend, instructor and mentor. Bonus that I've also created many new friendships with my fellow trainee cohorts. They've also added so many positive attributes to this training as a whole. I've grown in life, love, and yoga. All who are considering taking this training I whole-heartedly endorse Megan Rader yoga teacher training. -Heather J. 

Megan's Yoga Teacher Training was beyond phenomenal. I think her strength lies in her willingness to be honest and authentic. Megan was always extremely planned out, and filled the sessions with meaningful content. She made herself accessible to us as students, and was great at giving feedback. Furthermore, we have all learned a yoga flow that we can expand upon, which I am not sure is a part of all teacher trainings. To have this in my back pocket as a flow I know in and out makes me feel more confident to go out into the yoga teaching world. It also helps me have a clear idea of how to plan for classes. I am extremely happy that I chose to do the Megan Rader Yoga Teacher Training, and will forever be changed because of it! -Karolina D. 

Megan goes above and beyond in her yoga teacher training. This experience has been life changing and I am so honored I had the opportunity to learn under her. I have learned how to develop my own intelligent sequence, confidently speak to the breath, provide variations for poses, how to use props, how to cue, timing, music, history of yoga, and so much more. This TT was well thought out and executed perfectly. I highly recommend anyone to take Megan's yoga teacher training, you will LOVE every minute of it. -Sarah A. 

Yoga teacher training has enhanced my life in so many ways. I've grown professionally because my words are concise and I remain calmer under pressure. I have also grown in my physical practice and have learned to be content with how my body responds each and every day. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and am so grateful for the relationships that I have formed. I look forward to the future, but also don't want it to come to an end! Thank you Megan for transforming my yogi life. -Natalie J. 

Megan is a wonderful teacher! She definitely made the past four months of yoga teacher training worth while. Since starting the training, I've learned much more than I thought possible, gained greater confidence, and had a ton of fun! Megan goes above and beyond answering emails promptly, offering constructive feedback, and provides endless encouragement. I highly recommend Megan's yoga teacher training! -Bridget C. 

Megan is a wonderful person as well as an amazing yoga instructor. She instilled in me great confidence in my ability to learn the material but also teach yoga to in a classroom setting. Megan is completely invested in the success of her students and you can feel that from very early on. She consistently pushes you to be your best self and puts a lot of time in energy offering support, love, guidance and knowledge to her students. She is the perfect balance of organization, passion and hard work. I would highly recommend her teacher training program to anyone who loves yoga and has the desire to become an excellent teacher. I would recommend her classes to anyone! She will make you love yoga.-Sarah D. 

Megan's yoga teacher training was excellent. Megan is well prepared, accessible, knowledgeable, open and accepting. She not only gives you the knowledge needed to write sequences, give hands on adjustments, and give quality cues, she also gives you plenty of time and support to practice teaching. She expertly facilitates discussion and learning and pushes students just enough. During her training I was able to deepen my personal practice and gain the confidence to teach in various settings. -Stacy D. 

Megan's yoga teacher training curriculum reflects her knowledge as a professional school teacher and yogi with years of personal experience. She has a thorough, detailed yet personal way she connects with her students and gives 100%. This experience has given me skills that I have been able to apply on and off the mat. She also brings a positive attitude to teacher training by encouraging students to explore all styles of yoga. -Laura B. 

I couldn't be happier that I chose to take part in Megan's yoga teacher training. It has been such a wonderful learning experience and Megan really fosters an environment of growth, transparency, and community. Her passion for yoga and compassion for others shines through daily. Her commitment to making yoga accessible to everyone and to building relationships with her students is remarkable. There is no doubt she is one of the strongest yoga teachers in Grand Rapids! -Erin D.