Buti Yoga in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Are you ready to explore a different side of your yoga practice? Do you love to dance and express yourself through movement? Are you yearning to build connections with other like-minded yogis? Have you been looking for a powerful, sweaty, FUN workout that incorporates yoga and cardio stamina? If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, then we'll see you on your mat at Kula Yoga for the next Buti class. 

Don't let your nerves or your ego stop you from showing up for yourself. Give yourself the time to unwind and reset. Shake up all of that shakti energy being stored within your hips, and dance through your yoga practice…and don't let the word Buti hold you back--it's actually an Indian Marathi word that translates to "the cure for something kept hidden." While your booty will be transformed through this practice, we focus on much more than your back side!

Kula Yoga is the only studio in Grand Rapids that offers this playful, challenging, freeing practice as a regularly-scheduled class. Come and take class with Megan, Brittany, Karolina, Danea, Hollie, and the rest of the growing tribe of Butisattvas here at Kula Yoga!

Check out our class schedule to see when Buti is offered!