High Vibration Sound Bath


Join us for an hour of relaxation, energetic restoration, and sound healing. Megan will play a variety of instruments to help you hit the reset button on your central nervous system. Each instrument involved in the Sound Bath is mindfully played for its healing properties. You'll leave with a more balanced energetic body, as well as a calmer, more peaceful head space. Wear comfortable, cozy clothes (pajamas and socks encouraged!), and bring a pillow and blanket. Space is limited in our cozy Studio 2, so preregister to reserve your spot. 

Friday, January 11 @ 8-9p


Sunday, January 27 @ 9-10p

$20 / $15 for members

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Winter Solstice Clearing Ceremony


Winter Solstice comes at the middle of winter and marks the longest night of the year. During this time, our ancestors energized hope for the Sun's eventual return and the Earth's renewal by making a "spiritual cradle" or psychic space for the newly conceived light to eventually fill. 

Join Jessica Roodvoets for an evening of intentional listening on this auspicious night. Together, we will consciously let go of the old and make space for the emergent. This class will involve a yin practice and guided meditation led to soft live acoustic music — followed by a clearing ritual and candlelight closing circle. Enjoy an evening of community with fellow yogis and enter the holiday season with more ease and peace. Bring a journal and pen.

Friday, December 21 @ 7:30-9:30p

$35 / $27 for members

Reset and renew

Unwind: A Yin + Reiki Practice


Attend an evening of candlelit Yin Yoga and Reiki energy therapy--perfect for post holiday and pre-New Year celebrations. This class will leave you feeling refreshed, at peace, and blissfully ready to ring in 2019. Cristin will lead a grounding Yin practice while Danea provides individual Reiki healing to each student in attendance. 

Sometimes known as Chi, Prana, or Ki, Reiki is “universal life force energy” that flows through the energetic body. This energy is channeled through the meridians and out of the palms of the practitioner to provide deep healing. Reiki is gentle and pleasant and will restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Unwind will focus on calming mental energy and stress. No prior knowledge of or experience with energy healing is required. This class will utilize both hands-on assists and no-touch Reiki healing. 

Danea is a Reiki practitioner, trained in Levels 1 and 2 by Gayle Campbell. Cristin is a certified Yin instructor. 

Friday, December 28 @ 7:30-9p

$30 / $23 for members

Mellow out