High Vibration Sound Bath


Join us for over an hour of relaxation, energetic restoration, and sound healing. Megan will play a variety of instruments, including quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums, and gongs, to help you hit the reset button on your central nervous system. Each instrument involved in the Sound Bath is mindfully played for its healing properties. You'll leave with a more balanced energetic body, as well as a calmer, more peaceful head space. Wear comfortable, cozy clothes (pajamas and socks encouraged!), and bring a pillow and blanket. Space is limited in Studio 2, so preregister to reserve your spot. 

Sunday, February 24 @ 9-10:15p

$20 / $15 for members

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R&R: Reiki and Relax


Give yourself sweet, sacred time for rest, relaxation, and Reiki. During R&R, you’ll settle into self-guided mediation with the option to use crystal palm and third eye stones to deepen your experience. Binaural, meditative music will be played throughout the class, and each student will receive individual Reiki energy healing. Wear comfortable clothing. Come ready to relax and reset.

Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing that brings balance to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

Saturday, February 23 @ 8-9:15p

$18 / $14 for members

Gimme that R&R

Teen Empowerment + Yoga Workshop


Join Karolina, certified Yoga Teen Instructor, for a workshop designed specifically for teens. This gathering will be an opportunity to learn about yoga, breath, and stress-relieving techniques that can be used in and out of the studio. Together the group will focus on identifying stress in the body and mind and answer such questions as What is stress? What does stress look and feel like? How can I use yoga and breath to make myself feel better? Participants will have the opportunity to meet other teens in their community and to connect in a safe and nurturing environment. Everyone will warm up through breath, move safely and thoughtfully through physical yoga poses, and even do some fun partner yoga! This workshop is for those between the ages of 12-14 who identify as female.

Sunday, February 17 @ 11a-1p

$30 / $23 for members’ teens

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Tea + Philosophy


Do you find yourself interested in the yoga of life? Are you ready to take your understanding of yoga deeper than the asanas, or poses, you find yourself in during class? If you yearn to discover what yoga is all about—the yamas and niyamas, meditation, pranayama, your energy body, the Yoga Sutras—then join us at Kula Yoga for Tea + Philosophy. Megan and guest speakers will lead a discussion on the chosen topic, and we’ll work together to get clear on how yogic principles can fit into our everyday lives. No prior knowledge of the topics is necessary—just arrive open to learning, listening, and sharing your thoughts. Bring your own mug to enjoy a cup of complimentary tea during our discussion. Let’s get together and chat about all things yoga!

February’s topic for discussion is the second limb of Patanjali’s Eight-Limbed Path, the Niyamas.

Saturday, February 23 @ 11-12:15p

$18 / $14 for members

Yes! Finally :)

Sacred Reflection: Intuitive Journaling in 2019


Let’s come together at Kula on the last Sunday morning of each month to hold one another accountable to the healthy habits of self-reflection and journaling.

We’ll dig into Megan’s massive collection of oracle and tarot decks and spend time on our own pondering what we want to cultivate and manifest in each coming month. Bring a journal and pen to each session, choose a deck to work with, and spend the time writing about what the images and messages in the cards bring up for you. Dig into your intuition, and be thoughtful of where your mind wanders. This is a special time for you to become more mindful of where you put your energy and how you choose to live with intention. Take this time for yourself.

Sunday, February 24 @ 10:30-11:30a

$10 each session

I’m ready to reflect


Essential Oils 101: Make-and-Take Workshop


Are you curious about Essential Oils and how you can integrate them into your life to support you and your family's well being?  In this workshop you will learn the basics of Essential Oils - what they are, where they come from and how to use them safely. After covering those topics, you will make 4 items using essential oils to take home with you!  These DIY products are perfect to keep for yourself, or to give as a handmade gift to someone you love.  The items include, Lavender Lemon Bath Detox, Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub, Refreshing Room Spray and a Sleep Roller.  All materials and recipes are included, please bring a pen and notebook if you’d like to write down what you learn.

Saturday, March 2 @ 11a-1p

$45 / $34 for members

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Herbal Medicine for your Moon Cycle


Develop a stronger relationship with your cycle. In this class, Leah will teach you how to chart your fertility, and you’ll dive into how this daily ritual can give you valuable insight into your ovulation schedule, hormonal balance, and yoni self-care. As a group, you’ll explore the many herbal remedies for regulating your cycle, discuss your cycle’s intimate connection to the moon, and formulate your own moon cycle tea blend to take home. Bring a notebook, pen, and any questions you have to help create and support this practice for yourself, family, and friends.

Friday, March 8 @ 7:30-9p

$20 / $15 for members

Teach me, Leah!

Arm Balance Workshop


Would you like to learn how to do different arm balances? Then bring a playful attitude, your mat, and a towel to Kula Yoga for this fun and informative workshop! Chelsea will teach you the levels of 10+ arm balances, and you'll be given a hand-out to take home with you for continued practice. This workshop is suited for all levels.

Saturday, March 9 @ 11a-1p

$30 / $23 for members

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Restorative Yoga + Deep Listening Teacher Training


The training:

Restorative Yoga and Deep Listening is a weekend long program that draws upon subtle energy awareness and experience to bring each student into a layer of balance. Using asana, pranayama, meditation, visualization, ecology, and art the practitioner/student can construct individual recovery processes that speak directly to their needs. This training will encourage each student to guide and be guided in a restorative fashion. Throughout the weekend students will explore physical and energetic methods; using linguistics and presence to set the tone. Hands-on & hands-off adjustments, sequencing for affects, traditional & modern adaptations, lecture & discussion, and art & nature moments will be called into focus, giving the students a secure, but varied foundation to teach and/or deepen their personal practice.

This training is designed for new and experienced yoga instructors, as well as students who have a sincere interest in deepening their understanding behind the mechanics of restorative yoga. This training also lends itself to health care professionals (nurses/doctors), personal trainers, physical therapists, care-takers, body-workers, and/or counselors/coaches.

*This training is recognized by Yoga Alliance and is eligible for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) - 20 contact hours + 12 non-contact hours = 32 hours in total.

The teacher:

Gracie is a mid-west based yoga instructor who believes in the evolution of the human practice. Her teaching blends together elements from ecology, dance, and ceramics; using an interdisciplinary approach to connect with students and colleagues. Her attention to energetic detail is a defining quality in her work and instruction.

Most of Gracie's classes are slow paced allowing the student to organize their brain, body, and breath inside each posture. With special focus on the breath, Gracie encourages each practitioner to converse with the circuitry of their structures, body and environment.

Gracie received her RYT-200 from Marianne Well’s Yoga School in Costa Rica in 2011 and her Restorative Yoga certification from Leeann Carey in 2013. Gracie has enjoyed studying with Erica Jago & Elena Brower of Art of Attention and Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga. Having the privilege to further her teaching experience through various studios, as well as holding retreats in Mexico, Gracie is an E-RYT 200 and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) as recognized by Yoga Alliance. 

Session dates + times:

Friday, May 10 @ 7:30-10:30p

Saturday, May 11 @ 10a-8p

Sunday, May 12 @ 10a-5p


$399 / payment plans available

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