Our mission at Kula is to provide the Grand Rapids community with thoughtful, intentional, and accessible body-mind-and-spirit nourishing yoga. Our team is comprised of informed and attentive instructors who are ready to guide you--wherever you are on your yoga journey--at Kula. I'd be honored to have you make Kula your home for yoga in Grand Rapids. 

Megan Rader - ERYT 200, YACEP



I grew up in Chicago, where I began practicing yoga in high school. After years on my mat, I completed my first 200-hour yoga teacher training through CorePower Yoga in Chicago. I had no intention of teaching yoga before I entered my first teacher training, but I learned so much about myself and my practice during those months that I realized how much I wanted to share all of what I learned with other people in my life. I deepened my understanding of yoga with two more teacher trainings in Seattle before moving to Grand Rapids in 2014. My classes are accessible and challenging, with a strong focus on safe alignment, steady breath, and pushing limits. I created Kula, because I wanted to provide Grand Rapids a warm, welcoming, beautiful space to explore yoga. Kula is the spot where you can show up on your mat, just as you are, move with your breath, and spend time with your neighbors. 

Mary Williams - RYT 200


I was introduced to yoga by a woman I babysat for while in high school, but it never resonated with me until 2010 when I moved to Grand Rapids. I tried a drop-in class and kept coming back. In more recent years, I have pursued my educational and occupational goals, all while keeping yoga in the background. It wasn’t always a priority, but it was never far from my mind, and I was never far from my mat. My yoga practice provided me a sense of solace amidst the whirlwind of life. I decided to make yoga a priority after finishing grad school in December of 2015. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Megan Rader Yoga in August. I could have never imagined the incredible people yoga would bring into my life or the change in perspective it would provide. The effects of this practice continue to amaze me, and I want to share them with my students. Come be a part of this Kula--I think you’ll like what you find. 

Brittany Nawara - RYT 200



I was first introduced to yoga while taking classes at Grand Rapids Community College, but it was not until 2013 that I began to practice regularly.  When I take a yoga class, I find myself so focused on my breath, movement, and the teacher's cues that my mind does not wander for the duration of the entire class. It is so refreshing to do something good for my body and mind and I look forward to offering that same experience to my students.  Yoga has brought many new friends to my life, and I am very happy to be a part of Kula.

Erin DeLisle - RYT 200

Coming from a small town on the east side of Michigan, there were not many places to practice or learn about yoga.  It wasn’t until I moved to Grand Rapids that I finally found some inspiring teachers that I really connected with, and I have been hooked on learning from those wonderful mentors ever since. I am so thankful for the community of yogis in West Michigan--each day I learn something new about the science and art of practicing and teaching yoga. I have grown to appreciate my own breath, body, emotions, and ideas. I hope to share and encourage that same appreciation of self with my students.

Karolina Delange - RYT 200



When I moved from Grand Rapids to Colorado, I discovered yoga. I was first made aware of yoga as a child, but was never really sure I wanted to practice. While living in Fort Collins, I discovered Bikram Yoga, and I was hooked. I loved the feeling I would get after class, as if all the cells in my body had been renewed. I continued to practice into my early twenties and entertained the idea of participating in a teacher training one day. My journey to yoga has always been about self-discovery, self-love, and becoming aware of what my body and mind are capable of doing. When I moved back to Grand Rapids, I searched for a yoga community that would match my values and continue to push me to discover more about myself, to love my self wildly, and to connect to my body and mind further. I am extremely excited to be linked to Kula and to be able to teach, learn, grow, and connect in this beautiful space with this incredible community. 

Jenny Tanis - RYT 200


I discovered yoga as I was in the throws of grad school and half-marathon training, and I never would have believed my journey would have led me here. Yoga has brought mindfulness and empowerment into my life in a way I never expected. My yoga practice is a way to stay grounded in gratitude, connecting with myself and my spiritual beliefs, as well a connecting with others through shared breath and movement. It is an honor to share this practice with others, as they discover the power of strong mind-body connection in their lives. I am eager to meet you and share this Kula with you. See you on your mat!

Kathleen Pedres - RYT 200

I discovered the beauty of yoga while I was going through a challenging phase in my life. When I moved to Grand Rapids years ago, my practice became my constant companion through the transition. I eventually made new friends and joined a community through yoga. It has kept me grounded and present through the ebb and flow of life. I decided to take the Megan Rader Yoga Power Vinyasa Teacher Training in order to better understand yoga and all it encompasses. Little did I know that I would want to share the knowledge I gained with others. The sequences I create for my students form fluid patterns of dynamic movement and grounding energy and are designed to rejuvenate your mind and body. I am beyond excited to be part of Kula and to connect further with the yoga community here in Grand Rapids.